Westminster Toyota

Westminster Toyota was an exciting project for us as this dealership featured 15 service bays including 14 in-ground Challenger lifts, flush mounted Hunter alignment rack and aligner, Shark Professional Bench system with in bench Graco air, oil and WWF reels and state of the art tire equipment. The dealership also has a well equipped Autec 260 automatic soft touch car wash with an additional 4 fully complemented detail bays.

Silverhill Acura

Silverhill Acura completed their service bay upgrades in 2015 which included a complete overhaul of their existing bench system.

Windsor Ford

Windsor Ford is the largest state-of-the-art Ford dealership in Canada. It includes 35 bays with custom tool benches which includes 21 general service bays with Challenger Lifts, three Hunter Elite alignment bays as well as 10 bays of PKS HD lifts to hoist the F550 and the Motorhome Chassis’. The Lube bays are twin 75-foot self contained lube pits with Blazer scissor lifts, which can be followed with a visit in their Autec soft touch carwash.

Heninger Toyota

Heninger Toyota consolidated their existing multiple service centers to one super service center in 2015. The upgraded facility includes 49 service bays with built in benches and Challenger in ground lifts, 2 quick service lanes that include 2 quick lube pits and fully automatic Autec carwashes.

Langley Porsche

Langley Porsche of the OpenRoad Auto Group has 14 service bays, 3 detail bays and state of the art equipment throughout

Northland Dodge

Northland Dodge was a spectacular project with 21 service bays, 4 detail bays with undercoating ability, dual lane lube pit, and Autec EV1 car wash.

Lexus Kelowna

Lexus Kelowna, New build for the Sentes Auto Group. We worked with them on design and installation of existing and mainly new equipment. 10 Service bays and 4 detail bays.

North Shore Kia

North Shore Kia was a 10 service bay, 1 detail bay plus a car wash and prep bay that we designed and outfitted with all of the equipment.

Northern Toyota

Northern Toyota in Prince George 12 service bays and 4 detail bays. We did design work and installed all of the equipment.

Country Hills Nissan

Completed in 2018 Country Hills Nissan includes 28 service bays outfitted with Challenger in ground lifts, Hunter alignment equipment, oil distribution as well as an additional lube pit including Blazer scissor lifts and 3 full service detail bays.

Davis GMC

In 2018 Davis GMC in Lethbridge converted their existing Bodyshop with service bays while also updating their remaining lifts, benches and alignment equipment.

Murray Dodge

Murray Dodge was completed in 2016 with 10 service bays outfitted with Challenger lifts, Hunter alignment equipment it also includes an additional 2 fully furnished detail bays.

Gary Moe VW

Completed in 2017 Gary Moe VW includes 10 service bays outfitted with Challenger lifts, custom tool boxes, bulk oil distribution, Nederman exhaust as well as an additional 3 full service detail bays.